In our quest to be the best car donation foundation, we looked at nearly all of the best charities that accept donated vehicles and were impressed with how many provide exceptional services for veterans and kids. We then thought, how about a foundation that helps all people of all walks of life and provide educational funds to better themselves? That is how we created Great Carma.


Our board members are comprised of current and former executives at several vehicle manufacturers, spanning several generational gaps from Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. It all started a few years ago when they noticed the dire need of technicians in automotive workshops throughout the nation. They later discovered that there was a similar lack of incoming artisans in numerous other trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical and general contracting.

Meanwhile, many early careerists are currently facing a difficult time establishing a career in a field that not only provides a solid, stable and rewarding career, but one that gives them a sense of pride in their work. Ask any Millennial and you'll see the dire need of employment opportunities. Even worse, our kids, our future, are not looking at these viable and lucrative career paths.

So, we decided to come together and create awareness to this issue and thwart the risk to future generations of becoming a victim of global outsourcing. We need to keep American jobs in America and the best way is promote the trades.

The goal is to generate awareness to this massive yet forgotten topic and to provide funding to students and schools that require assistance in acquiring an education to gain the skills they need to keep America moving.

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